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Gorgeous and Tough - O My Life!

Oh! My Dear Life.

 The selfless phase of toddler was the best, as O my life, we really don’t remember any Ups or Downs.

The childhood was always green, loaded with fruits and candies. With endless shower of Dad & Mum’s koochies and poochies.

O Life – we thoroughly enjoyed the full of you.

Then came the sexy teenage phase, when the world around was full of life 😉 O my deary life, can’t express the crush we had on the adulthood phase of life 🙂


Entered this phase of adult era – which excited us the most but depressed us with the life size loads. Oh life! Why did u act like mirage? Why this phase is not just about love but about study and career planning too??

Anyways, we did extracted the most of you 😉 and got into some streamline.

What worry me the most is what would happen next? Especially when I look around the ageing people – Some are still sexy & young like “18 till I die” types. But the major chunk is loaded with family responsibilities, finances, tedious taxes, children planning and the worrisome list goes on and on.

Oh God! Why Life?

Then we try to look back and smile to get well dressed for the new dawn and the new beginning. Guess, this is what is Life.

Welcome home, O my life, with a spring in your step.

Come what may, we will always love you, O my deary life.