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Do you know a place which is a sacred ground surrounded with snowy mountains, white chilled roaring glacier water of Ganges(Ganga) passing by, awesome weather, nature’s own child, land swarming with Priests and devotees from all over India, plenty of foreign tourists, handful of media folks, filled with flashy lights, songs in the background and much more colors than our mind can imagine.

Any guesses?

Yes, you guessed it right. It’s Haridwar also spelled as Hardwar. It is an important holy pilgrimage city of Hindus in the state of Uttarakhand, India. It is situated at height of 314 metres from the sea level, between Shivalik Hills in the North and Northeast and the Ganges River in the South.

 Me and family are madly in love with this place not only for holy reason, but also for experiencing the life over here. There is a calmness amidst the buzz. This silence can be easily discovered by anyone who can tune in to the voice of the nature.

Sharing some glimpses of the paradise with you.

Haridwar from opposite bank of the Ganges

Statue of Lord Shiva besides the bank of Ganges River


Ariel view of Haridwar which is viewable while coming down on Cable Car to Manasa Devi Temple

Listening to Ganges 🙂

Evening Rush for the "Aarti" on the banks

Aarti Flowers


View of the evening "Aarti" at Har-ki-Pauri (Bank of the river Ganga)


Prayers in the calmness

Good Night Haridwar!

 Ganga Maiya ki jai (Hail Mother Ganges) – This chants ecohes all acorss Haridwar. Incredible India!


Route Map

Dodital, Garhwal Lake 10,000 ft above sea level
Mission Dharwa Top 1 – 14000 ft

Cooking Time

Woh hansi vaadiyan, Woh khula aasaman.......

Local People - The Blessed Ones

We R 1.

Snowy Road Ahead 🙂

Mission Accomplished

Though I am a sports person was but always super scared of heights. In this mind-blowing trip, I overcame the fear of heights because I was in the gang of awesome friends, the lovely view of the Himalayas and Madam Bachandari Pal herself. The joy of being amongst few who conquered 14,000 ft was marvelous. I still live and breathe those good times of my life!