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Dear Marketers,

You don’t always need a contests or giveaways to trend on twitter.

Parachute Advansed, a hair oil brand, managed to trend on twitter at number one position with the hashtag #KhulKeKheloHoli

Thanks to their touching video ad where they have shown the old peoples staying in an old-age home celebrating “holi” with the younger generation in a free style. This ad would have definitely brought tears of joy in eyes and filled happiness in hearts of many.

Holi 1

They brilliantly seeded the video links on all the web platforms:

They also carried the similar branding and messaging across all platforms which gave a clear synergy and made it easier for web audience to relate to.

Twitter handle:

Holi 2

Facebook Page:

Holi 3

YouTube channel:

holi 4


Few quick wins for them are:

Its perfect timing as “Holi” is nearing.

They published their video just 20hrs back hence the right timing to push it on social media.

All branding was in sync. Though I would have loved it more if the similar branding & messaging was there on the website too.

They were engaging with online audience very actively to keep the momentum going

holi 5

holi 6

holi 7


holi 8

Positive sentiments all around on twitter, facebook and YouTube. Check out these tweets, posts and comments:


holi 10

holi 11

holi 12


holi fb 1


holi yt 1

No reading is happy till we deep dive in the analytics 🙂 Here’s some key insights for the readers (taken as on 15th March afternoon):


This is an impact of one great work – They got more than 1.5K likes in just 20hrs of the video & social contents going live.

Analytics 1

4933 Shares – This clearly shows that audience loved their ad totally

432K views in 20hrs – It’s an impressive number but I don’t know if they also invested media behind promoting this post.


Analytics 2


11K Likes, Love, Haha, Wow and Sad


Overall a great start!

Analytics 3.jpg

The hashtag #KhulKeKheloHoli was trending way on top and even left the T20 India’s first match #tag trailing behind


Analytics 5Analytics 6Analytics 7

Analytics 8

Analytics 9

Source: twitter, trendsmap and

Analytics 11.jpg

analytis 12

Analtics 15

analytcis 16

analtcsu 17

Source: tweetchup


All and all, I think this ad is soaked in the feelings of Holi and it touched everyone’s emotions.

Now the marketers would have the more detailed insights of the content performance but as we can see it is definitely a hit.

Kudos to the Parachute Advansed team for writing a remarkable brief and showcasing it beautifully on online space.

And #HappyVirtualHoli to our readers!! J #SplashSplash on the eve of #KhulKeKheloHoli