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 या मौला मिली है तेरी बहुत मेहरबानी
जब भी कभी सामने थी मुसीबत
तेरा हाथ अपने सर पे मैंने है पाया ||
गर्दिश के बदल छाए   जब भी मुझपे
तेरी नीली छत्री   ने मुझको बचाया ||
यह क्या हो रहा हा ,यह क्यों हो रहा है ,
मेरे ख्यालों की गुथी को तुने सुलझाया ||
दिल चाहता था जाने को एक ओर, कोशिश बहुत की, ज़बज़स्त था वोह मेरा परिश्रम ,
कुछ पलों के लिए यह लगा मुझे की , इस जतोजहद का नहीं कोई फायदा है ,
वोह अरमा , वोह सपने, वोह ख्वाइश , वोह चाहत, रह गयी थे   अधूरे , नहीं होंगे पूरे ,
इस सूच में मैं बावला सा हुआ था,कोसा था त्हुज्को, मैं दुखी भी हुआ था,
लगा था की मनो मेरी प्रार्थना को तुने रुसवा किया है  ||
मेरी सोच   की भूल थी भी तो ऐसी,
की तेरी कृपा पे ही मैं  जो शुक कर…

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Ma – aaj is Independence Day peh, phir se teri yaad aayi hai,

Who subah kitni kush si hoti thi,

Jab 15th Aug ke awsar par Ma hamen ujale dress phanati thi,

Haath main Jhanda de ke, Jan- Gana- Man sunati thi,

Shaan se sina choda karke hum sab ko puchkarti thi,

Aur  hamari bhakti ki dhun puri society main gunja karti thi,

Ghar aa kar garama garam pudi-jalebi khilati thi,

Ma – Aaj woh gujra pal phir se ched gaya mujhko,

Ki aaj Independence Day peh, phir se teri yaad aayi hai…..

Vande Matram!! Ma Tujhe Salaam!!

Love Marriage ya Arranged Marriage!

My Blog on Love Marriage ya Arrange Marriage, from the eye-glasses of a girl. While you read on, you will realize that the REAL debate is rather dating life ya married life?

Love Marriage ya Arranged Marriage debate is similar to the chicken or the egg dilemma of “which came first, the chicken or the egg”? No one has been able to come to the conclusion yet but we will certainly give a try to bring some logical element in this blog topic. But before we get into this “bermuda triangle” let’s have some definitions in place (assuming that I have consensus on these definition from all the readers)

1. Love: Simultaneous chemical reactions inside two human beings or reactants in their brain and heart, which are usually spontaneous

2. Arranged: Independent, nonreactive family of chemical agents. Subjects gradually become spontaneous to the chemical agent called love

3. Pre-marriage phase: Also, called as courtship period or the dating period. It’s applicable for the both love marriage as well as arranged marriage.

4. Marriage: An outcome of all the interactions which creates irreversible impact from the current state in the form of marriage contract 😉

If you are in love and going for marriage, then the next state would be love getting arranged for the survival of the contract and if you going for Arranged marriage then the arrangement of love would be done, which would be again for the sake of survival of the contract(read marriage).

Now moving in to the debate, in both the pre-stage of Love marriage and Arranged marriage; the real love-filled emotions outflow and outburst happens in the pre-marriage phase. Isn’t it a true fact? In both the cases, the phone bills shoots up, travel plans hits the pocket of the guy, pampering the fairer sex with gifts becomes binding, in-laws are so cool, inviting, approachable, loveable+1 and the list goes on and on. Well, the insight is that – visible symptoms are almost same in both the cases, only the degree and the time-duration of occurrences varies.

Oh yes, the pre-states of any marriage is so very fun filled, curiosity led, desire driven, adrenaline rush happens at the speed of 4X and off course it’s expense filled too 😉 So does this flow of events change? Yes, but when do they change their course? Hmm it changes after marriage, right? Eureka!! Yes, the game changing event is “marriage”!!

Before marriage, all the dating partners presents flower bouquets and post marriage it starts reducing to a mere bunch, followed by solo silver foil plated rose strand and ultimately ends up being a rare event. In-laws who were always like a sea-line which is so far yet so near suddenly turn into the sea-beach which is always near despite of being far 😉

Ok, now since all us are agreeing to the suggested hypothesis 🙂 let’s come to the conclusion. Yes, the dilemma of girl’s life decision should be dating life ya married life? Till the time a girl is inaccessible or not available on 24*7 basis, all 365 days, she continues to be desirable. For a girl, Pre-marriage is all about the guy and post-marriage is not just about the guy, but majorly about the all lawfully related ones, his family’s traditions, beliefs, practices, food eating habits, waking up patterns, and the list is really long.

Now let’s take a closer look at the guy, earlier you always saw him as a well dressed-up Mr. Perfect, and after marriage all of a sudden you will spot him roaming with uncombed hair in his loose pajamas with a tooth-brush in mouth 😀 And then a dream girl inside you will scream, where my prince charming has gone!

So, hopefully we are now agreeing that the real debate is dating life ya married life 🙂

After such a real life drama filled blog, being a happily married woman myself, it’s my moral duty to inspire many more who are planning to get married. Well, marriage is like a tree – lifelong commitment, which would flourish with plentiful of water which is time, air which is love and manure is the pampering which keeps the wow factor of the marriage alive. Keep the aura around the tree always alive and you will reap the fruits. And remember our Indian dialogue “Chand main bhi daag hota hai” heheh It’s a bit sour but a truth!

It’s your life; take the plunge only when you are convinced and ride the enjoyable married boat on mutual terms!


Note: This blog is inspired by the tv show of Sony Entertainment team. You can follow the show at