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It’s about those few, whom we love – Jindagi Na Milegi Doobara!           

Stop. Think. Express. Live Life.




The special ones, whom we love from our soul irrespective of relationship coordinates. 

Whenever there is a mishap in our surroundings or a climatic scare like tsunami etc, we feel like stopping  our brain nerves and chose to even give a thought that “this can happen with me too!!” 

 All I want to convey to everyone is that these relationships are the most valuable assets of your life. Go ahead, admit it, exchange emotions and then you would feel the real happiness. Believe me, the feeling is magical. 

Have you ever expressed any of these emotions ? If not, trust these written words and express your love today because no one can assure a tomorrow…..  

 “Papa, I love you a lot!” 

“You are my most prized friend J I am privileged to have u in my gang J” 

“Dearest and Loving Boss, I owe my success to you! Thanks for your mentoring and support!” 

“Bro, thanks for all the sacrifices that you have made for us. Love you forever!”  

My Dad, till date deeply loves his eldest brother who passed away many years back, BUT has a regret that he could never express his thankfulness to him. He never said “Bro, I love you. You mean the world to me”. Now, he is no more around to share this….. He still weeps when he remembers him and says “I wish…..” 

Don’t let this moment happen in your life ever, when you look back and say “I wish……”  

Recently I have lost the dearest one in my life – My “Mausi” (Mom’s eldest sister). She was very sweet and lovable. I really loved her and always expressed my emotions to her. Now, when I miss her, I look up in the sky and as always 🙂 . I am glad that I expressed all my love to her and possibly gifted her all her favorite items 🙂 

With the permission of my friend, I am sharing a wonderful note written by him to his Dad after which his parents drove down through two states all by themselves to meet his son – It’s magical, isn’t it?  

The experience goes like this – 

“ It was the very unusual occasion for anyone to introspect, office get together with lot of music and hoards of people around. Most of the people went away at 11:00 and few were there for company till the late hours. Music went from dance to gazals and thoughts started rolling. And from nowhere came the “BADI DARI” (Large sized Carpet). 

I never knew and imagined that this meant so much and had a very deep rooted meaning. 

Many years back, during summer holidays, it was a family rule to have the daily noon nap together. There used to be one single cooler in the government nursing quarters, where we stayed for most of our life. I used to curse my father for forcing us to sleep in afternoon and when I do it with my daughter today, it makes all the sense. 

I am working in a MNC currently and hardly get time for my wife and kid leave alone parents who are still staying at Betul, a low key town in MP. Giving PR and showing love has never been one of my strengths. I hardly call my parents and it makes them to believe that they are not on my priority list any more. Nothing can be far from reality than this notion. 

The idea is just to express in true Ranchod Singh Chanchad style that ‘ALL IS WELL’. ” 

I don’t want this blog to sound like a spiritual piece so I will write just one more line.

Go ahead and enjoy your life! While doing all this, remember to make your special ones feel really special.


Express Yourself

Gorgeous and Tough - O My Life!

Oh! My Dear Life.

 The selfless phase of toddler was the best, as O my life, we really don’t remember any Ups or Downs.

The childhood was always green, loaded with fruits and candies. With endless shower of Dad & Mum’s koochies and poochies.

O Life – we thoroughly enjoyed the full of you.

Then came the sexy teenage phase, when the world around was full of life 😉 O my deary life, can’t express the crush we had on the adulthood phase of life 🙂


Entered this phase of adult era – which excited us the most but depressed us with the life size loads. Oh life! Why did u act like mirage? Why this phase is not just about love but about study and career planning too??

Anyways, we did extracted the most of you 😉 and got into some streamline.

What worry me the most is what would happen next? Especially when I look around the ageing people – Some are still sexy & young like “18 till I die” types. But the major chunk is loaded with family responsibilities, finances, tedious taxes, children planning and the worrisome list goes on and on.

Oh God! Why Life?

Then we try to look back and smile to get well dressed for the new dawn and the new beginning. Guess, this is what is Life.

Welcome home, O my life, with a spring in your step.

Come what may, we will always love you, O my deary life.