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Our house shifting work was pending for quite some time and one random day we decided, enough of the flight luggage limits and train hassles. Let’s go the road way!

Surprisingly, we were one couple who had never gone beyond NCR borders on our own car: Always preferred, taxi or Metro over self-drive 😀 Entire family was in shock? Aisa kaise? Kaise kaise?? It was really funny to listen to their scared reactions and mind it tips ;). On the other hand, younger @ heart lots were super excited – Go Go!! Just Go!

We planned to take a direct route and reach Delhi via Gwalior (MP) but woh road trip hin kya jo plan kiya jaye 😀

Day 1. Early Sunday morning, we took an indirect route through Rajasthan and decided to take a night halt at Indore. We started with Noida-Gurgoan-Jaipur, from Jaipur, we had two options – via Ajmer or via Ujjain…… ? ? While enjoying yummy ‘Chanch’  and groundnuts, we decided that let the diversion point come first. Making that moment itself took 2 hrs and finally women emotions won over and we headed towards   Ajmer. Why? Because it’s a holy place which has Dargah Shariff of Hazrat Khwaja Muinuddin Chisty! We told ourselves  – Blessings lete hue chalte hain. When we reached the round-about of the Dargah Shariff, looking for a cut for Pratapgarh , we did the mistake of our life!.  Guess whom were we checking the route with? Local traffic police guy 😀  “Arre yeh kahan aa gaye, aap ne toh bahar-bahar se kat lena tha. Kahan se aaye ho? Kahan ja rahe ho?” and the entire crowd hovered over our small cute Swift car. Immediately, we smartly admitted our fault, thanked him and ran out of that place….phew 😉 Ok, so after all twirls and turns, we found the cut for Pratapgarh. And then we felt like Raja and Rani of the olden days, surrounded by old palaces, mountains, camels and calmness. In the middle of nowhere we relished yummy local dal-roti with “chai”. Wah!At 6pm, as we were heading to Indore, we realized that it’s already too late. It was 400Km more! CHANGE IN THE PLAN AGAIN. Let’s take a halt at “Ratlam”.. Oh! It’s the same city where Kareena and Shaheed halted in the movie “Jab we met”. And the moment our decision was known to all, we were showered with crispy-spicy comments: Jab we met – Part II. At 10pm we spotted a weird “U” cut for Ratlam and the moment we entered inside, hooligans were to be spotted everywhere. We quietly entered the heart of the city, and checked with an old shop owner “Sir, which hotel do u recommend for family”? and out came the name: Snow-white. The hotel was quite decent. Remember – we were scared because of Shahid & Kareena’s experience ;). The night passed by and we woke up at 4am itslef.

Day 2. 5am and we again hit the roads. Good Morning M.P.!! Just before the start of the “Kaal-Ghat” we took a bio break – I mean chai-pani aur poha ! Then the adventurous journey started!! Eyes were on the roads and finger was on the camera click button. I was clicking the photos randomly from all the possible corners of the car. Shayad, ek bhi kone ko nahi choda. The drive through Maharashtra is so  awesome. All nature lovers must drive through these roads. Though minor incidents and accidents would happen, but that is part and parcel of the road-trip. The focus should be on “Pure-Masti” and then the drive would be an amazing fun.Again, came the diversion: via Nasik or via Shirdih ? and the internet connectivity was out…. so the decision on the basis of kilometres difference was not possible. No worries, yeh bharat desh hai mera. My hubby got down proudly and had a detailed chat with truck drivers. Decision was made, Om Sai Namoh Namah! Let’s take the holy route! I was full-too busy on phone, calling possibly all members of family so that they can connect to Sai baba via me over the phone.  Here comes the filmy angle, some local goons hit our car from the back and started blaming us ….sensing much more trouble, we very smartly marroed a cut and we were out with no lunch for the day. We continued without break, eating stuff in car ….. in the hope of finding KFC at Pune 😉 but God has his own plans. From Ahemdnagr to Baner, Pune, it took us 3 hours!!!! Oh we were tired of the traffic jams and started missing our 120km/hr drive …. While we were lost in our thoughts, we lost the way to Baner inside Pune 😀 additional 30mins loss. But finally saw our destination and we looked at each-other and said, no worries we will soon hit the roads again.


Today, we all would certainly relate to the fact that we live in an online world more than we live in the physical world.

Living life virtually, almost 24*7! Aren’t you? Infact, even our thinking pattern is in  format of facebook post or tweet’s 140 characters! Yeah…not always, but most often. What’s say? You can come out of the Self-realization mode now 🙂

Inside the house, you are exchanging thoughts with your hubby over the facebook? or calling him to the living room for having dinner through fb 😉

Latest Reflex Action for the new “we” digi reporters:

  • The moment you are well dressed up, the very next moment goes up the post pic. And your partner is the first one to like it :=) awwwww
  • When u see a canine  taking a bio break on ur friends bike, u don’t shoo  it away but capture that moment in ur phone and proudly break it on YouTube

Even before the kid of a celebrity is born, people start discussing the delivery date and kids name 😀  Big B would certainly admit that all netizens are today’s digi astrologer 😀

Infact, even our bosses follow us on this space and appraise on public forum. An instant performance evaluation – if he/she likes, +1, retweets, replies, share or give a #ff 🙂

U r talking or listening, bored or happy, sleepy or awake, travelling or watching movie, in conference or in mall – u r glued to your device that let us LIVE our digital life consciously or sub-consciously……ALWAYS ON

Our virtual life is so very full of such digitalized moments, that all of us can scarp about our ONLINE life 🙂 and make tunes like “we dress for facebook” 😀

Good night to all Digital Doctorates, with this small piece of self-realization!