Dear Marketers,

You don’t always need a contests or giveaways to trend on twitter.

Parachute Advansed, a hair oil brand, managed to trend on twitter at number one position with the hashtag #KhulKeKheloHoli

Thanks to their touching video ad where they have shown the old peoples staying in an old-age home celebrating “holi” with the younger generation in a free style. This ad would have definitely brought tears of joy in eyes and filled happiness in hearts of many.

Holi 1

They brilliantly seeded the video links on all the web platforms:

They also carried the similar branding and messaging across all platforms which gave a clear synergy and made it easier for web audience to relate to.

Twitter handle:

Holi 2

Facebook Page:

Holi 3

YouTube channel:

holi 4


Few quick wins for them are:

Its perfect timing as “Holi” is nearing.

They published their video just 20hrs back hence the right timing to push it on social media.

All branding was in sync. Though I would have loved it more if the similar branding & messaging was there on the website too.

They were engaging with online audience very actively to keep the momentum going

holi 5

holi 6

holi 7


holi 8

Positive sentiments all around on twitter, facebook and YouTube. Check out these tweets, posts and comments:


holi 10

holi 11

holi 12


holi fb 1


holi yt 1

No reading is happy till we deep dive in the analytics 🙂 Here’s some key insights for the readers (taken as on 15th March afternoon):


This is an impact of one great work – They got more than 1.5K likes in just 20hrs of the video & social contents going live.

Analytics 1

4933 Shares – This clearly shows that audience loved their ad totally

432K views in 20hrs – It’s an impressive number but I don’t know if they also invested media behind promoting this post.


Analytics 2


11K Likes, Love, Haha, Wow and Sad


Overall a great start!

Analytics 3.jpg

The hashtag #KhulKeKheloHoli was trending way on top and even left the T20 India’s first match #tag trailing behind


Analytics 5Analytics 6Analytics 7

Analytics 8

Analytics 9

Source: twitter, trendsmap and

Analytics 11.jpg

analytis 12

Analtics 15

analytcis 16

analtcsu 17

Source: tweetchup


All and all, I think this ad is soaked in the feelings of Holi and it touched everyone’s emotions.

Now the marketers would have the more detailed insights of the content performance but as we can see it is definitely a hit.

Kudos to the Parachute Advansed team for writing a remarkable brief and showcasing it beautifully on online space.

And #HappyVirtualHoli to our readers!! J #SplashSplash on the eve of #KhulKeKheloHoli





2 weeks trip it was and I was soaking in the imagination that I will get to experience the traditional side of China which is old architecture, temples, local food and so on….  Somewhere, I had this thought in mind that China would be like India as both are suffering from population explosion and it’s a growing economy so there would be a lot of similarity in terms of the hustle bustle on the streets and cities.

Dear readers, please take a pause. Visualize – how you imagine China in your mind….. that will make the reading more indulging and interesting.

Now go on with the reading >

About me: (It’s important to know me a bit as this would help you understand my perspective & challenges better)

  • Location: I was born in Odisha and grew up in Patna. I studied in Pune, then worked in Delhi for almost 8 years and now settled in Bangalore. So, I have lived across India and I am quite adaptable.
  • Food habits: I am a pure Indian non-vegetarian 🙂 I eat egg, fish, chicken and mutton.
  • Travel Preferences: I prefer travelling with family or group. But even if I am alone, I soak in the pleasures of travel.
  • Habits: Web surfing, tweeting, exploring good non-veg foods, dancing, interacting with new people.
  • Profession: Digital marketer
  • Love: Life, music, fun, food, family, laughter, observing what’s happening around and capturing moments

Well….. I have shared enough about myself, now let’s get back to the streets of China >>

When one thinks of China, primarily one thinks of Beijing and Shanghai. But I was excited about the fact that I would get to see 10 cities! This means I will get to see the real China beyond the two glamorized cities. My imagination was running with the view of traditional houses, temples, monks, farmers, hawkers……………….  I was all geared up for the journey starting from Beijing to Tianjin, Xuzhou, Suzhou, Jiangsu, Wujiang, Tongzhou, Shanghai…. The excitement fueled with the thought that I will commute to these places through flight, bus and train, and this will give me an opportunity to pass by many more cities and villages of China.

The magic began when I landed in Beijing on Sunday. The airport was buzzing with energy & confusion, immigration lines were quite unorganized…. Though the airport was huge, grand and beautiful! We had to take a metro to reach to our luggage pick-up area. As we came out from the Airport waiting for our bus, it started to rain and the city looked beautiful. But……errrrr…….what’s this smell?? I felt heavy smoke all around. I spoke to my friends from China and Singapore who were part of this trip and they said “Shreya, it’s not cigarette smoke. It’s smog that you can smell!” I didn’t believe them as I come from a country which is highly polluted and I have never smelled such dense smog.


We got into the bus and I grabbed the window seat. All my fellow passengers went off to sleep as the journey to our hotel was an hour long but how could I go to sleep 🙂 With inquisitive eyes, I was looking out of the window. Hello Beijing!! There was heavy traffic and we reached hotel at snail’s pace. Though I was thinking, the more delayed it is, the better it is  🙂

I step inside my posh hotel room and what?? I could still smell the smoke!! So, if you are travelling to China, I recommend you to carry a mask. Also, you can find pollution level at and accordingly take decision for yourself.

Then the desire to share the photos on social media arose, but I soon recollected the limitations that Google & Google products like Gmail, YouTube are all blocked. Facebook – blocked. Twitter – blocked.

Here’s the list of websites banned in China for your reference:

Guess what???? Thank God that WhatsApp works in China!

I quickly shifted my gear to Bing search though the number one search engine in China is Baidu. Well the Bing experience was pretty nice as the search results were almost similar as that of Google in India expect that Bing results also throw the blocked sites in search results.

But, as you know, when in Rome, be like a Roman. So find the way out, adapt to the circumstances, accept the limitations and enjoy whatever you have!! So, here I am, sharing my experiences with you all through this blog 🙂

Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner ~ my expedition with the Chinese food was really very interesting, enlightening and sometime horrifying. I was still lucky as I had some friends with me who could help with the translation.

Here’s what a typical foody day menu would look like:

Starters: Warm water and Green tea

Main Course: Soup, veggies (A minimum of 2 or 3 vegetable items are a must), non-veg items. So, you would have an array of food items on your table.

Drinks: Local Beer, Rice Wine, Juices (atypical – Corn, Sugarcane) etc.

Desserts: Sticky rice and whatever else you order.

Note: If you want to eat rice, you will have to tell the hotel staff to serve rice early and not towards the end of the meal.

The traditional dish of China is Peiking duck. It’s said that if you don’t have this dish your trip to Beijing will remain incomplete. So, in order to live the visit experience fully, I decided to eat the duck for the first time in my life.

Of all the dinners, my worst experience was when I saw the visual of some of the weirdest food of my life!

When you think of Scorpios what would you think you?? Venom, fear, death etc. But here it is served as a delicacy!! After looking at the below two food items in the menu, I couldn’t get over with the visuals that night and had troubled sleep for next couple of days

Warning: If you are picky about food or you are a vegetarian, you might want to skip the below four visuals ~

Picture 5

I challenge you to guess what’s on the menu!

Soon it was the time to hit the roads. As we boarded the bus, I quickly occupied the broad view window and was all set to enter the dragon 🙂

I kept looking out of the train window but to my surprise everything looked the same! I mean, everywhere there were similar looking apartments, high rise construction works, canal system flowing in and out of cities, organized societies, broad roads with flower bed in the corners, ring roads, empty roads, streamlined traffic….. Infact the farming lands were also well distributed and the farmers were in boots, western dresses and hats. Every pond in the passing village had a motor device which was probably helped in circulating the water across fields. Everything looked exactly the same!!!! You can only differentiate by the Chinese characters on the walls and around. I got to know that they send their students to Singapore to study architecture etc. and then they come back home and contribute towards modernizing China.

Picture 6Picture7Picture8Picture9

After speaking to couple of countrymen, I sensed that they really like India because of our democratic governance setup. Well, after looking at their developed economy and hearing their emotional side, as a traveler, I can only say that everything has it’s own plus and minus.

Coming from India where there is so much diversity in terms of house constructions, farm distribution, people’s clothing, hawker’s visibility etc. I just was taken by huge surprise to see China, a country with 1.3BN population so well organized and robotic. I must say that as a curious traveler, I was expecting to see the cultural heritage of China but I could only see it’s modernized version expect while visiting the Palace & monuments….. Nevertheless there is a lot to learn from them and make our infrastructure world class as well. Atleast, now I know that being overtly populated is no limitation if the planning and execution is perfect.

I was eager to visit the railway station as I was very sure that a place like railway station cannot be so organized but yet again, I was disappointed. Well, it was very crowded but I must say, it was very well organized too. But, guess what?? The visit to the wash room startled me!! I could not believe that people were using the toilet with the gates wide open… I spoke to couple of women about it and found that since the travelers have to keep a watch on the luggage they keep the door open…. After this experience, I could make sense of these messages inside the toilet room walls!!


My excitement quickly changed the gear as I got the ticket for bullet train with my passport number printed on it! There came the beauty and vanished in few seconds – It was a Bullet train. I could see other tourist competing to capture the beauty in their camera. To navigate on the station is very easy as our platforms are numbered well and carries the coach number for your train. There are lady attendants who usually stand on the gate to receive to assist passengers.

The inside view of the bullet train was also amazing! I felt like I was sitting inside a low frill airline. The seats were reclining with tray table. Very soon, a lady attendant served beverages. I could spot fashion show running on the TV inside the train. I decided to quickly pick up a chat with my English speaking neighbor and took his view on multiple aspects….. He shared that China is divided in 4 zones of food flavors. Beijing which is in central consumes more spicy food whereas Shanghai which is in east is more skewed towards sweet and spicy food flavors. After two stations, he was asked to change his seat, then I realized that even in China people get onto train without ticket confirmation 🙂


Picture12Picture13Picture14Well, during this trip, our PMO, Mr. Narendra Modi joined us in China; I could see him on all news channels and local newspapers. Glad to see his impact as I could see all eyes were glued on TV the moment he was shown on the screen. Some of them did mention that “your PMO is a visionary”. It felt really proud to hear about my own country from Chinese people. Thank you Modi ji for making the positive impact across borders.

For all the shopaholics – Shopping in China has two faces; one is for the spendthrifts and another is for the value bargainers. If you have plenty of money to shell off and love the real branded stuff, you must visit the shopping malls. The prices of all the items were super expensive which is in contrast as Chinese products are positioned as cheap products. Well, all shopping in China is not cheap shopping. If you are a value bargainer, you must visit the local market and do street shopping. A local person suggested me, if the shopper starts with 1000RMB then you must say 50RMB and then the deal can be closed at 100RMB. We went on a tour to visit Great Wall of China, Forbidden City and Silk Market in Beijing. Our tour guide suggested the guys in the group to be little cautious as the women sales rep can give you a hug and don’t leave you till the time you agree to buy!! Though, I did not get to see such moment of sales extremity myself.

If you are in Beijing, then don’t miss out the golden opportunity to visit the Great Wall of China and Forbidden City. Make sure that you have a guide or a travel book so that you can read the relevance of the monuments.

The visit to Great Wall of China was very refreshing experience. The steps of Wall were really steep and one must be very well prepared for the hike.

Here’s a blog link which you should read before planning the trip.

There were wish locks tied to the walls and I slowly whispered couple of my wishes too 🙂

wall 1.jpgwall 2wall 3

wall 6wall 7

I decided to look around, observe and soak in the local feel…… I spotted an elderly Uncle, who was accompanied probably with his son, and was trying hard to reach the top. Climbing was so tough for young blood like us, but he has a spirit of young blood too. He was climbing couple of steps and then taking long pauses. I captured his image and sharing here with you all. Let’s salute to his spirit!

wall 8

At this spot, there are many outlets, washrooms, rest areas at the starting point.  I also saw a road going in parallel to the wall which was much easier to climb. I spoke to few hawkers about this road and they said that “what’s the fun on taking that road when you are here to climb the wall??” Well, I still went out and suggested this route to few old parents who were sitting quietly in the rest area, gazing at the beauty of wall as their kids were climbing the wall. As I could not see a single woman or man in local dress yet, I decided to wear the local dress myself and get clicked 🙂 As this famous Chinese saying goes ‘He who does not reach the Great Wall is not a true man’, and I opted for the “hero certificate” and got rewarded with the Olympic medal by the group 😀

Me 1.jpg

We moved towards the Forbidden City and I finally got to see the old structures and glimpses of Chinese history. And to my surprise, I spotted our Bollywood star – The Aamir Khan, roaming around the palace as a common man. I waved at him and he greeted me back. Later, I though it’s a good opportunity to get myself clicked with the actor. He was really warm and I got successful in capturing this moment in my camera 😉

Shanghai was the city of glamor which was buzzing with tourist, fashion, lights……. It’s a beauty!

One day, I wish to get more of China as now I am wondering is the entire China a look alike………

All in all, it was a thought provoking trip for me. If they can do it even our country can do it. We have certain blessings which we take for granted like the choice of – having kids, owning land, owning flats etc. Yes, we have the liberty to exercise these choices.

Pic 40

pic 41

Old view:

Just a brief Overview – those who are familiar with Shanghai may recognize the Peace Hotel, or the HSBC building – certainly no Pearly Tower or IFC or bottle opener building!!!  This is only 25 years ago.

Old view

Present view:

To Pudong today – just find this an amazing comparison.

New view Read the rest of this entry »

It’s inspiring to see a hackathon project leading to great creations! OoberDocs, a tool built and presented at the TechCrunch Disrupt NY Hackathon, has expanded its feature set to include support for Google Drive. The service, which puts a copy of all incoming email attachments in your preferred cloud storage system, launched with initial support for Dropbox.

Deriving insights from Data


Colin Shearer once remarked “Find me something interesting in my data is a question from hell”. A lot of literature is being published today about Big Data and Predictive analytics. In this mad rush of finding insights from data, many times organization forget the basic paradigm – “Analysis should be guided by business goals”. Huh, enough of Gyan!! Let me walk the talk.

In this blog, I wish to demonstrate a simple exercise of deriving value from the data for an Automobile business. The intended audience could be any one ,who brain cells starts to play soccer on hearing words like “Big Data”, “R”,”Analytics”,”Insights”, in fact anything which makes sense out of data. Nerds, Geeks and Dodo like me, all can benefit from this blog.

By the time you reach the end of blog and manage to be awake, here is what you will learn:

  • First thing first – Be…

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Through this blog, I wish to share a solution that allows brand managers to measure, compare, and contrast the success of their Digital media campaigns across Consumer decision journey

 Need Identification: McKinsey’s CDJ works perfectly for a number of reasons:

  • Marketplace is bombarded with digital stats but marketers are want “green up” arrows because they don’t understand the data that they see often.
  • Digital reports are either too simple or too complicated to really make enough sense about the campaign (or conversely too much noise and they can’t tell the difference, and it’s never given adequate context so they can tell). Digital brand managers are so beaten up by their managers and directors to prove out ROI, they don’t know what to do.

Opportunity: Create a metrics chart for helping a marketer save time, money and relieve tension instead of generating another report that can be sliced numerous ways and keeping them up even more hours at night. This metrics chart works around the actual acquisition “journey” as it helps the marketer understand the business process far better, gives them a campaign context and helps them understand what is happening to the campaign globally as it culminates in ROI thus giving a much broader picture to look at before he/she dives into specific reports.

Scope:  To make sure that marketers target and clarify the actual value of the CDJ and even prioritize the benefits revealed in the updated “decision journey” that buyers are following. To do this, it’s required to do a better breakout of the McKinsey CDJ and identify hard value for the online marketer.  The CDJ exposes the role of VOC (voice of consumer which quite often is Social and shows the tipping point move away from messaging from the advertiser to the qualifying from real life validation by friends, likes shares, eBay/Tech-tree/Compare India reviews etc) and also reveals a 4th or to their mind “inner loop” which they skew heavily towards both retail and brand loyalty.

Challenge: This is not just a metric chart, but it delivers the actual business value of the metric and how actionable it can be made. This has been worked out for product online marketing campaign and I have kept out the brand management/Corporate marketing scope out of it. Reason being, if online activities are undertaken for online brand management then certain activities like website management, SEO, SMM, ORM are on a retainership basis and broad level KPIs.

The shared metrics in the image can always be customized as per the campaign’s requirement and business objectives.

Also, please make a note that an Advertising content and message will have to do justice with the key objective meant for each CDJ stage. Please refer to the “sink-the-funnel” graph, it will have to create push effect. Example If a brand manager objective is to move prospect from consideration set to evaluation set and he throws a generic brand message ad, it will not serve the objective.

I have kept the below metric chart simple and added my comments next to metrics so as to make it self-explanatory.

Enjoy reading and travelling across the CDJ!


Please click on the below link to download the metrics in excel sheet form

KPI for Digital Product Marketing_CDJ

Key Performance Metrics of Product Online Marketing Campaign for each CDJ Stage

Metrics chart that helps brand managers to measure, compare, and contrast the success of their Digital media campaigns across Consumer decision journey

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 या मौला मिली है तेरी बहुत मेहरबानी
जब भी कभी सामने थी मुसीबत
तेरा हाथ अपने सर पे मैंने है पाया ||
गर्दिश के बदल छाए   जब भी मुझपे
तेरी नीली छत्री   ने मुझको बचाया ||
यह क्या हो रहा हा ,यह क्यों हो रहा है ,
मेरे ख्यालों की गुथी को तुने सुलझाया ||
दिल चाहता था जाने को एक ओर, कोशिश बहुत की, ज़बज़स्त था वोह मेरा परिश्रम ,
कुछ पलों के लिए यह लगा मुझे की , इस जतोजहद का नहीं कोई फायदा है ,
वोह अरमा , वोह सपने, वोह ख्वाइश , वोह चाहत, रह गयी थे   अधूरे , नहीं होंगे पूरे ,
इस सूच में मैं बावला सा हुआ था,कोसा था त्हुज्को, मैं दुखी भी हुआ था,
लगा था की मनो मेरी प्रार्थना को तुने रुसवा किया है  ||
मेरी सोच   की भूल थी भी तो ऐसी,
की तेरी कृपा पे ही मैं  जो शुक कर…

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Ma – aaj is Independence Day peh, phir se teri yaad aayi hai,

Who subah kitni kush si hoti thi,

Jab 15th Aug ke awsar par Ma hamen ujale dress phanati thi,

Haath main Jhanda de ke, Jan- Gana- Man sunati thi,

Shaan se sina choda karke hum sab ko puchkarti thi,

Aur  hamari bhakti ki dhun puri society main gunja karti thi,

Ghar aa kar garama garam pudi-jalebi khilati thi,

Ma – Aaj woh gujra pal phir se ched gaya mujhko,

Ki aaj Independence Day peh, phir se teri yaad aayi hai…..

Vande Matram!! Ma Tujhe Salaam!!